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  • Personalized financial solutions

    Tailored financial plans for individuals

  • Mobile-first approach

    Accessible through mobile devices

  • Partnerships with financial institutions

    Collaboration with banks and other financial institutions

  • Limited availability

    Currently only available in India

  • Relatively new in the market

    Less established compared to other financial services providers

  • Requires internet connection

    Not accessible without internet connection

  • Potential to expand to other countries
  • Increasing need for financial planning and management
  • Opportunity to integrate with other financial and non-financial platforms
  • Competition from other financial services providers
  • Changes in regulations that may affect the business
  • Potential for data breaches and other cybersecurity threats

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Kaleidofin Plan

Kaleidofin offers tiered pricing plans based on the level of financial planning and investment services, ranging from INR 399 to INR 999 per year.
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