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Global leader in providing data and insights for leading advertisers, brand owners and agencies.
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London, London
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  • Comprehensive media monitoring

    Kantar Media provides a wide range of media monitoring services across various channels.

  • Global coverage

    Kantar Media has a global presence, providing media monitoring services in multiple languages and countries.

  • Customizable reports

    Kantar Media allows users to customize their reports according to their specific needs and preferences.

  • Expensive pricing

    Kantar Media's services can be costly, making it less accessible to smaller businesses.

  • Limited social media monitoring

    Kantar Media's social media monitoring capabilities are not as comprehensive as some of its competitors.

  • Complex user interface

    Kantar Media's platform can be difficult to navigate and use, especially for new users.

  • Kantar Media can expand its services into emerging markets, where there is a growing demand for media monitoring.
  • Kantar Media can integrate its services with other marketing tools to provide a more comprehensive solution for its users.
  • Kantar Media can improve its social media monitoring capabilities to better compete with its rivals.
  • Kantar Media faces competition from other established media monitoring providers, such as Meltwater and Cision.
  • Some companies are opting to bring media monitoring in-house, which could reduce the demand for Kantar Media's services.
  • Changes in media consumption habits, such as the rise of social media and decline of traditional media, could impact Kantar Media's business model.

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Review Distribution

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    High - rated users

    No information provided for high-rated segment.

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    Average - rated users

    Users find Kantar Media's platform easy to use and the data trustworthy. Some wish they knew more about the platform's capabilities.

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    Low - rated users

    Users appreciate Kantar Media's ability to provide insight into clients' media types and revenue spent, but some struggle to find all the advertisers they research.

Kantar Media Plan

Kantar Media offers a tiered pricing strategy with different versions of their software, ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 per year.
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