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Keboola is a cloud-based data integration platform that simplifies and accelerates data engineering, enabling collaboration among data engineers, analysts, and engineers. It supports the entire workflow from data extraction to ML-based predictions and loading. The platform is highly collaborative and solves significant hurdles of "IT" based solutions.
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  • Data integration

    Keboola provides a powerful data integration platform that can connect to various data sources and transform data into a unified format.

  • Automation

    Keboola automates data processing tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving efficiency.

  • Scalability

    Keboola can handle large volumes of data and scale up or down as needed, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

  • Complexity

    Keboola can be complex to set up and use, requiring technical expertise and training.

  • Limited customization

    Keboola's platform may not offer as much customization as some businesses require, limiting its flexibility.

  • Cost

    Keboola's pricing may be prohibitive for some businesses, especially smaller ones with limited budgets.

  • As businesses increasingly rely on data to drive decision-making, the demand for data integration solutions like Keboola is likely to grow.
  • Keboola could form partnerships with other SaaS providers to expand its offerings and reach new customers.
  • Keboola could expand its operations to new markets, especially in regions with growing demand for data integration solutions.
  • Keboola faces competition from other data integration providers, some of which may offer more advanced features or lower prices.
  • As data privacy concerns continue to grow, businesses may be hesitant to use data integration solutions like Keboola that involve sharing data across multiple platforms.
  • During economic downturns, businesses may cut back on spending, reducing demand for data integration solutions like Keboola.

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Keboola Plan

Keboola offers a flexible pricing model with different versions and add-ons, allowing customers to pay only for the features they need.
Free Tier $ Free
The monthly consumption for our Free Tier is limited to 120 free minutes of computational runtime during the first month and 60 free minutes for each subsequent month. Beyond this, you can purchase additional minutes at a cost of 14 cents per minute. Even if you use all of your allocated free credits, you can still access and work on your project, but you won't be able to run any jobs unless you add more credits. Unlimited ETL/ELT workflows R, SQL and Python transformations Analytical workspaces (SQL, Python, R) Extra small Snowflake backend Orchestration automation 250 GB of data storage included 200+ data connectors
Enterprise plan $ Contact Us 1 License Per Year
Change your entire organization through data Everything from the Free Plan, plus additional features: Multiple projects and Data Catalog R, Julia Transformations and Workspaces, Spark and MLFlow Public/Private and Hybrid cloud deployments, region and cloud provider selection Audit centre & per user rights & limits Multi-cloud & Hybrid - utilize your own storage and cloud or legacy infrastructure Public/Private cloud SOC 2 type II certification, GDPR & HIPAA compliance Active Directory/SAML integration Different backend options (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Synapse) Predictive ML based user support Enterprise SLA
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