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KegMetrics is a keg management software that improves visibility of keg status and helps to get kegs back faster.
  • Real-time data tracking

    Provides real-time data on keg levels and sales, allowing for better inventory management and sales forecasting.

  • Easy integration

    Can be easily integrated with existing POS systems and keg monitoring hardware.

  • Customizable alerts

    Allows for customizable alerts for low keg levels, ensuring that bars and restaurants never run out of beer.

  • Limited hardware compatibility

    May not be compatible with all keg monitoring hardware, limiting its potential customer base.

  • High cost

    May be too expensive for smaller bars and restaurants with limited budgets.

  • Limited functionality

    May not offer as many features as other keg monitoring software on the market.

  • Can expand into new markets such as breweries and beer distributors.
  • Can form partnerships with POS providers to offer a more comprehensive solution for bars and restaurants.
  • Can integrate with other inventory management software to offer a more complete solution for businesses.
  • May face competition from established players in the keg monitoring software market.
  • May be negatively impacted by economic downturns that lead to decreased sales for bars and restaurants.
  • May be impacted by regulatory changes related to alcohol sales and distribution.

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Kegmetrics Plan

Kegmetrics offers three pricing plans starting at $49/month with increasing features such as unlimited kegs and integrations.
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