Keno Kozie

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Keno Kozie Associates provides IT design service and support to law firms.
Keno Kozie
  • Experience

    Over 30 years of experience in providing IT solutions to law firms

  • Customization

    Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each law firm

  • 24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock support to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity

  • Limited Services

    Primarily focused on IT solutions for law firms, with limited offerings for other industries

  • Cost

    Higher pricing compared to some competitors in the market

  • Limited Geographic Reach

    Presence limited to North America, with no international presence

  • Opportunity to expand services to other industries and geographies
  • Growing demand for cloud-based solutions presents an opportunity for Keno Kozie to expand its offerings
  • Increasing importance of cybersecurity presents an opportunity for Keno Kozie to expand its security offerings
  • Intense competition in the market from established players and new entrants
  • Economic downturns can lead to reduced demand for IT solutions, impacting Keno Kozie's revenue
  • Changes in regulations can impact the demand for IT solutions in the legal industry, impacting Keno Kozie's revenue

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Keno Kozie Plan

Keno Kozie offers a tiered pricing strategy for its software, with different versions and features available at varying price points.
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