Kenway Consulting

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Kenway Consulting
HQ Location
Chicago, Illinois
  • Expertise

    Highly experienced consultants with specialized knowledge

  • Customization

    Tailored solutions to meet specific client needs

  • Flexibility

    Ability to adapt to changing client requirements

  • Limited Resources

    Small team with limited capacity for large-scale projects

  • Niche Focus

    Specialized expertise may not be applicable to all industries or clients

  • Limited Geographical Reach

    Presence limited to certain regions or countries

  • Increasing need for specialized consulting services
  • Opportunity to expand into new regions or industries
  • Potential to form strategic partnerships with complementary firms
  • Presence of larger, more established consulting firms
  • Decreased demand for consulting services during economic downturns
  • Changes in regulations or laws that may impact consulting services

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Kenway Consulting Plan

Kenway Consulting offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, starting at $10,000 per year.
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