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Keybank is a landing platform that includes accounting, multi-currency, multi-branch capabilities, and other features.
KBS Solutions
HQ Location
Northampton, United Kingdom
  • Security

    Uses multi-factor authentication and encryption to protect user data

  • Ease of use

    Simple and intuitive interface for managing finances

  • Mobile app

    Offers a mobile app for convenient banking on-the-go

  • Limited features

    Lacks some advanced features offered by competitors

  • Fees

    May charge fees for certain transactions or account types

  • Customer service

    Some users report poor customer service experiences

  • Could expand services to attract more customers
  • Could form partnerships with other financial institutions or fintech companies
  • Could increase marketing efforts to raise brand awareness
  • Faces competition from established banks and fintech startups
  • May face increased regulation and compliance costs
  • Could be negatively impacted by a recession or economic downturn

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Keybank Plan

Keybank offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions of their checking account, each with varying fees and benefits.
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