Keywords Studios

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Keywords Studios provides technical services to the video game industry worldwide.
Keywords Studios
HQ Location
Dublin, Ireland
  • Global presence

    Operates in multiple countries

  • Diversified services

    Offers a wide range of services to clients

  • Strong financial performance

    Consistently reports strong financial results

  • Dependent on key clients

    Relies heavily on a few major clients for revenue

  • Limited brand recognition

    Not well-known outside of the gaming industry

  • High employee turnover

    Experiences a high rate of employee turnover

  • Industry is expected to continue growing in the coming years
  • Potential to expand services into new industries
  • Opportunity to acquire smaller competitors and increase market share
  • Competes with larger firms with more resources
  • Revenue may be impacted during economic downturns
  • Changes in regulations could impact the industry and the company

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Keywords Studios Plan

Keywords Studios offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of versions required, with discounts for larger volumes.
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