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Kianda is a no-code development platform that allows users to build and deliver applications, end-to-end business processes faster and more cost-effectively without coding. It empowers non-IT professionals/citizen developers and IT to quickly and easily create business applications. Kianda is designed with user experience and simplicity in mind and offers excellent customer support. The product is shaped by customer feedback and focuses on delivering the features needed for success.
Kianda Technologies
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Year Founded
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  • User-friendly interface

    Easy to use for non-technical users

  • Customizable workflows

    Allows for tailored processes to fit specific business needs

  • Integration capabilities

    Can integrate with other software and systems

  • Limited third-party integrations

    Not as many integration options as some competitors

  • Limited reporting capabilities

    Reporting features are not as robust as some competitors

  • Limited mobile app functionality

    Mobile app is not as feature-rich as desktop version

  • Increasing need for businesses to automate processes
  • Potential for more third-party integrations in the future
  • Potential for more features to be added to the mobile app
  • Facing competition from larger, more established companies in the market
  • Potential for decreased demand due to economic factors
  • Potential for security breaches or data leaks

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Kianda Plan

Kianda offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise) starting at €15/user/month with increasing features.
Large Teams $ Free Trial 0 User Custom
NA more than 100 users Custom
Small Teams $ 9 1 User Month
NA up to 100 Users Unlimited Forms & Workflows** All Inclusive 15+ Prebuilt Data Connectors 20+ Prebuilt Templates
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