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Kiddom Education Platform is a SaaS solution that connects curriculum, instruction, and assessment in one place with integrated tools for communication. It offers pre-packaged high-quality curriculum by Open Up Resources or educators can import their own curriculum and standards into the platform. Teachers and students can record videos and audio, assign, view, complete, or grade lessons, view realtime reports, or communicate in a multitude of ways. With an upgrade to Kiddom Live, teachers can host live sessions for 1:1, student groups, or the entire class. Kiddom provides actionable data to every member of the learning community, ensures resources and coaching are delivered at exactly the right time, and empowers teachers and learners to unlock their full potential.
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San Francisco, California
Year Founded
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  • Intuitive interface

    Easy to use for teachers and students

  • Customizable curriculum

    Teachers can create and modify their own lesson plans

  • Real-time data tracking

    Teachers can monitor student progress and adjust instruction accordingly

  • Limited content library

    May not have all the resources teachers need

  • Limited integrations

    May not work seamlessly with other tools or platforms

  • Limited mobile app functionality

    May not have all the features available on desktop

  • Could target schools or districts that are not currently using a learning management system
  • Could partner with other edtech companies to offer more features and functionality
  • Could expand the content library to better serve teachers and students
  • May struggle to gain market share against larger, more established learning management systems
  • Schools may not have the funds to invest in new edtech tools
  • Increased scrutiny on data privacy could impact adoption of edtech tools

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    The basic idea of Kiddom is great! It has definitely been useful this year as a relatively simple way to relay lessons and assignments to students. The organization of Kiddom is fantastic (classes, units, then lesson plans).Limitations to certain features frustrate me and cost me precious time. There should be a more teacher-friendly way for students to submit assignments. There needs to be a way to assign lessons to every section of my class with only one click. I would really appreciate being able to share lessons that I've created on Kiddom with the other teachers in my department and them be able to push these lessons directly out to their students.

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    Average - rated users


  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    I like that the assignments are all online for students to complete-it's much easier to grade my remote students instead of just looking at an emailed copy of their workbook.It is still unorganized for me, and when it asks students to sketch on assignments, it doesn't allow them to. It requires a lot of typing and isn't the most user-friendly for students who are still learning computers.


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Kiddom Plan

Kiddom offers a free basic version and a paid premium version starting at $6 per user per month with additional features.
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