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Kiip is a rewards network and mobile application that offers rewards from brands and companies for virtual achievements.
HQ Location
San Francisco, California
Year Founded
Number of Employees
  • Innovative

    Rewards users for in-app achievements

  • Easy Integration

    Simple SDK integration with various platforms

  • Targeted Advertising

    Uses data to deliver personalized ads to users

  • Limited Reach

    Only available on mobile apps

  • Limited Offerings

    Only offers rewards and advertising solutions

  • Limited Data Collection

    May not collect enough data for some advertisers

  • Can expand to other platforms and industries
  • Can partner with more app developers and advertisers
  • Can add new features to attract more users and advertisers
  • Facing competition from other mobile advertising and reward platforms
  • May face backlash from users and regulators over data collection and usage
  • May face challenges from ad blockers that prevent ads from being displayed

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Kiip Plan

Kiip offers a performance-based pricing model for its mobile ad platform, with different versions and features available at varying costs.
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