Kitkit School

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Comprehensive Early Learning Solution Built for ALL Children.
HQ Location
Berkeley, CA
  • Interactive Learning

    Engages students with interactive and gamified learning activities

  • Offline Access

    Can be used without an internet connection, making it accessible in remote areas

  • Customizable Curriculum

    Allows teachers to create and customize their own curriculum based on their students' needs

  • Limited Language Support

    Currently only available in a few languages, limiting its global reach

  • Limited Subject Coverage

    Currently only covers a few subjects, limiting its use to certain grade levels

  • Hardware Requirements

    Requires specific hardware, such as tablets, which may not be accessible to all schools

  • Can expand to more countries and languages to reach a wider audience
  • Can partner with schools to provide access to more students and increase adoption
  • Can integrate with other educational tools to provide a more comprehensive learning experience
  • Facing competition from other educational software providers
  • Changes in regulations or policies may affect its adoption and use in certain regions
  • Advancements in technology may make the hardware requirements obsolete or less accessible

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Kitkit School Plan

Kitkit School offers a freemium pricing model with a basic version for free and a premium version for $10 per student per year.
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