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Knewton is a cloud-based school management solution that offers features such as student transfer management, exam and attendance administration, online payment gateways, auto-generated reports, and portals for students, teachers, and principals. It also offers built-in account types for different users and a library system to manage book stock. Users can integrate RFID technology for SMS alerts to parents.
  • Adaptive Learning

    Personalized learning experience for each student

  • Data Analytics

    Provides insights into student performance and engagement

  • Scalability

    Can handle large volumes of data and users

  • Limited Subject Coverage

    Focused on math and science subjects only

  • Expensive

    Higher cost compared to other e-learning platforms

  • Limited Customization

    Limited ability to customize content and features

  • Opportunity to expand subject coverage and reach more students
  • Opportunity to partner with schools and institutions for wider adoption
  • Opportunity to integrate with popular Learning Management Systems
  • Competition from other e-learning platforms and adaptive learning solutions
  • Changes in education policies and regulations may impact adoption
  • Emergence of new technologies may render Knewton's platform obsolete

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Knewton Plan

Knewton offers personalized learning solutions at a subscription-based pricing model, with different versions for different types of learners.
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