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LanSchool is a classroom management software that offers filtering and student safety solutions. It is available as a cloud-based or locally-hosted solution and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome operating systems. It supports mixed device environments and offers popular classroom management features such as screen monitoring, messaging, and share screen. It also includes a free student safety solution with AI and human threat detection, image removal, and a parent portal, as well as a filtering solution with content filtering and threat protection.
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  • Classroom Management

    Allows teachers to monitor and control student devices

  • Collaboration

    Enables students to work together on projects and assignments

  • Remote Learning

    Facilitates distance learning by providing tools for virtual classrooms

  • Compatibility

    May not work with all devices or operating systems

  • Cost

    Can be expensive for schools with limited budgets

  • Technical Support

    May require IT expertise to install and troubleshoot

  • Growing need for remote learning and virtual classrooms
  • Potential to integrate with other educational software and tools
  • Opportunity to tailor the software to meet specific school or district needs
  • Facing competition from other classroom management and remote learning software providers
  • Potential for security breaches or data privacy concerns
  • May need to comply with changing regulations and standards for educational software

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Review Distribution

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    High - rated users

    LanSchool allows teachers to view, take over, and adjust student computer screens in a 1:1 environment.Students can find ways to thwart the system, such as toggling wifi or shutting their laptop, causing the teacher to lose access to their device. It can also be slow and clunky in terms of features.

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    Average - rated users

    LanSchool offers a platform for monitoring student laptops in a 1:1 environment.It can be slow and clunky in terms of features, and students can find ways to thwart the system.


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LanSchool Plan

LanSchool offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions (Basic, Classroom, and Premium) ranging from $199 to $799 per classroom.
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