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Say “goodbye” to antiquated and inefficient excel spreadsheets! Lendlord is a property management and rental payments software for Landlords to manage, track, and optimize their portfolio financing. With unique technology, Lendlord’s platform can provide landlords with ongoing insights on refinance and mortgage costs savings opportunities as well as the relevant options for a new home loan based on the landlord’s personal profile, portfolio details, and the new property details. Lendlord's dashboard provides you with ongoing metrics on your portfolio health, historical trend of your portfolio growth and P&L suggestions on potential savings on your mortgage costs, upcoming due dates and more, all in one place. You can also contract short-term lend and mortgage, and explore at any time what your options are in terms of a new mortgage or a remortgage: Who is the right lender, how much you can borrow and rate options. Using property management software leads to higher efficiency rates, which means more productivity and the potential for leasing more units at a quicker pace—all of which boosts overall revenue.
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Lendlord Plan

Premium Features $ 15 Per Month
All the core free features plus some premium features Unlimited bank account integration: Connect unlimited bank accounts securely to your Lendlord account using the open banking with our partner: Plaid Automate income & expense mapping : Automate the allocation to properties of your rent income and ongoing expenses Property due diligence : Get enhanced information on a property and postcode when analysing new deal / evaluating existing property
Free core features $ 0 Per Month
Deal Analyser : Analyse new property deals instantly and get all the data you need before putting an offer on a new property Performance metrics : Review on an ongoing basis how your portfolio is performing, metrics include: ROI, LTV, Cash on Cash, Yield and more Mortgage insights: Explore which lenders and financial products are available for your next remortgage/ new mortgage based on your own profile Potential savings : Our engine will search the market for you every week to find you savings opportunities on your mortgage costs Data management : Manage all your property relevant data securely in the cloud. Manage the details of as many properties you need Rent collection : Create a payment schedule for all your tenants and get alerted which payments were Paid, which Due and which are Overdue Bookkeeping : Track your income and expenditure on each property, generate reports and easily download the data to share with your accountant Portfolio evaluation : Put assumptions for the long run in terms of property value & rent appreciation & inflation & review the potential growth of your portfolio Portfolio Stress test : Stress test your portfolio and get your Rental Cover Ration to understand how your portfolio will perform at risk Store documents : Store any historical property document / Receipt / Invoice on the cloud attached to the relevant property/tenancy
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