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K-12 online reading and math supplemental diagnostics and instruction. Let's Go Learn was formed in 2000 by tech entrepreneur Richard Capone and renowned educator, Dr. Richard McCallum, of UC Berkeley. Their goal was to leverage technology to support educators with actionable diagnostic data in math and reading that would allow them to close individual learning gaps and personalize instruction. The vision: equity in education for every student. Shortly after its inception, Let’s Go Learn received a grant from the US Department of Education that funded a study to provide statistical proof that Let’s Go Learn’s online diagnostic assessments worked as designed. Once this was accomplished, the team began to develop K-12 granular diagnostics that automatically generated instructional paths based on student learning gaps, regardless of their grade or age. Over the last two decades, Let’s Go Learn has developed evidence-based online diagnostic K-12 reading and math assessments, adaptive online math and reading instruction, and leadership PD in special education and data-driven learning. Let’s Go Learn’s products are statistically validated for reliability and aligned with national standards. Thousands of school districts and their teachers use LGL products in special education, all tiers of RTI, and afterschool and summer programs. To find out more, call 888-618-READ (7323), option 1

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