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Limejump is a startup that uses data technology and innovation to optimize sustainable resources and create revenue channels in the energy industry. They have won awards for their progressive approach.
HQ Location
London, United Kingdom
  • Real-time energy trading

    Allows for quick and efficient energy trading

  • Advanced analytics

    Provides detailed insights and predictions for energy markets

  • Flexible pricing options

    Offers various pricing plans to fit different business needs

  • Limited market coverage

    Only operates in the UK energy market

  • Relatively new company

    May lack the established reputation of competitors

  • Requires technical expertise

    May be difficult for non-technical users to navigate

  • Could potentially expand into other energy markets
  • Could form partnerships with energy companies to increase market reach
  • Could integrate with other energy management tools to provide a more comprehensive solution
  • May face competition from larger, more established energy trading companies
  • Changes in energy regulations could impact the company's operations
  • Changes in energy prices and demand could impact the company's revenue

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Limejump Plan

Limejump offers a flexible pricing strategy for its energy management software, with a free version and paid plans starting at £50/month.
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