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Efficiently Automate Your Mobile Testing with Loadmill - No Devices Required Loadmill is the perfect solution for mobile test automation. Our platform eliminates the need for physical devices, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. With Loadmill, QA managers can easily automate their mobile testing and ensure top-quality results. Say goodbye to device dependency and hello to streamlined mobile test automation with Loadmill. Learn more: https://www.loadmill.com/mobile-testing Book a demo: https://www.loadmill.com/schedule-demo/ Website https://www.loadmill.com/mobile-testing
Loadmill Ltd.
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Palo Alto, California
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Loadmill Plan

Free Trial $ Free Trial
100 test runs per month Community Support 14 Days Free Trial
Team $ 745
Up to 5k test runs per month CI integration Git integration Chat support
Business $ 1
Up to 25k test runs per month All Team plan features+ On-prem test runner IP whitelisting Sandboxed code execution Slack Connect support
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