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Think Outside the BoxPlan, manage and track your team’s work. All in one, easy and visual. The new generation of project management is LogicalPlan. Keep everything in one place so you don’t forget anything. Sometimes even small things can have a massive impact. Planning is the key to a team's success. Schedule work for the entire team in just three simple steps. Break down seemingly daunting projects, assign each task to a team member, and create a beautiful timeline of the whole project with drag-and-drop. oad Communicate the big picture - organize your team’s schedule across multiple projects. Fewer meetings, no more micro-managing, and the feeling that you've become a better manager. LogicalPlan is a new way to manage your team effectively. Today's work for tomorrow's deadline. Team members won't ever have to ask "What am I supposed to be doing today?" LogicalPlan is designed to help your team focus on what matters most each and every day.
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