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Logitude World is a full-lifecycle freight forwarding software that empowers freight forwarding services beyond customers' expectations. It automates processes, reduces human error rates, saves time on repetitive tasks, and allows employees to focus on high-level tasks. The software handles all operations on one sophisticated platform that can be customized to business needs. Key features include quote generation, email templates, shipment tracking, email notifications, and contact management. It also lets users analyze sales conversions and maintain a log of calls, meetings, and emails.
  • User-friendly interface

    Easy to navigate and use

  • Real-time tracking

    Provides accurate and up-to-date information

  • Customizable reports

    Allows users to generate reports tailored to their needs

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with all software systems

  • Expensive pricing

    May not be affordable for small businesses

  • Limited customer support

    Customer support may not be available 24/7

  • Can target new industries and regions
  • Can increase its customer base by integrating with more software systems
  • Can attract more customers by offering additional features
  • May face competition from other SaaS providers
  • May be affected by a recession or economic downturn
  • May face security threats and data breaches

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Logitude World Plan

Logitude World offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, starting at $99/month, each with increasing features and capabilities.
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