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Mannya Techno Solutions is a rapidly growing software company providing smart solutions to its vast range of clients. We excel in providing implementation, development and maintenance, business solutions, enterprise solutions, migration and re-engineering, and mobile app solutions. Our solutions have made a difference to the clients giving them a cutting-edge over others in the industry. Right from the onset we have provided competitive solutions to our clients resulting in complete client satisfaction for the services delivered. Our flexible approach and the need for innovation enable us to deliver dynamic enterprise solutions with high level of accuracy and efficiency. The backbone of our company lies is our ability to achieve excellence in all our services resulting from years of expertise and knowledge. Our IT service offerings include: · CRM (Salesforce) · Industry 4.0 (AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain) · Data Science · Cloud Migration (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) · DevOps · RPA We offer free Discovery call regarding your requirements. Our Hi-Tech Certified Consultants guide you to choose an outstanding platform to fulfill your requirement and increase your ROI. Book your Demo / Discovery call today at [email protected].
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