Mobile Reality

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Mobile Reality is a SaaS company that creates profitable digital products such as mobile and web solutions, and monetizes data. They work with Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award winners and global leaders to deliver high-quality software solutions. They specialize in JavaScript and are experts in creating and developing NFTs. They have a team of over 30 specialists with 50+ projects in their portfolio, with budgets over $1 million, and their products are used by 100k users. They love technologies such as React.JS, React Native, Vue.JS, Node.JS, AWS, Android, iOS, Python, and R. They create NFTs based on FLOW blockchain and develop NFTs-related smart contracts using Cadence language.
Mobile Reality
  • Ease of use

    Intuitive interface for easy navigation

  • Real-time collaboration

    Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously

  • Cross-platform compatibility

    Works on both iOS and Android devices

  • Limited features

    Lacks some advanced features found in other similar products

  • Limited customization

    Limited options for customizing the user interface

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with as many third-party tools as some competitors

  • Increasing demand for mobile app development tools
  • Potential to expand into new regions or industries
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other SaaS providers to offer more comprehensive solutions
  • Facing competition from well-established players in the mobile app development market
  • Potential decrease in demand due to economic downturn or recession
  • Increased scrutiny on data privacy and security could impact user trust

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Mobile Reality Plan

Mobile Reality offers a freemium pricing strategy with a basic version for free and a premium version for $9.99/month.
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