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Morningstar Office is the only turn-key portfolio accounting and practice management platform for RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) that fully integrates Morningstar’s robust data, analytics, and ratings. Included with Morningstar Office, advisors receive: Reporting and Client Engagement Morningstar Office features a complete portfolio management and client reporting experience. All assets and liabilities are aggregated and accounted for – then reported out in client statements, the advisors web experience, and the client web portal. A Batch reporting feature automatically generates PDF client reports for a single client or an entire practice. Morningstar Research and Investment Data Unique to Morningstar – advisors have access to industry leading investment data. Along with data for open-end mutual funds, stocks, variable annuity/life subaccounts, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, separate accounts, and 529 college-savings plans, Morningstar Office includes data for offshore funds, hedge funds, and bonds. Morningstar® Back Office Services Morningstar Office includes daily multi-custodial imports and reconciliation services. This allows advisors to log in to each morning and view up-to-date client data from their custodians, as well as held-away assets via Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®. Morningstar can also convert data from other systems, importing the entire transaction history for a practice including cost basis. Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing Morningstar® Total Rebalance Expert® provides comprehensive modeling, monitoring, and rebalancing at the household or account level. Advisors can also use the tax-aware tools to harvest tax losses opportunistically, manage cash, and minimize fees and capital gains distributions. Financial Planning and Risk Help your clients identify meaningful goals and then quickly connect those goals to an easy-to-understand plan with Morningstar Goal Bridge. Advisors can also measure a portfolio’s level of risk compared with Morningstar’s Target Allocation Indices and define a recommended asset allocation based on client’s psychometric risk tolerance and goal time horizon. Client Relationship Management Client management is fully included and integrated via Redtail CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or advisors can utilize other CRM integrations such as Salesforce.
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