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MuniBilling is a cloud-based utility billing software with hundreds of configurable features and workflows for small businesses and bustling cities. It is used for utility billing and property management and releases free updates every month.
Crestline Software, LLC
  • Automation

    Automates billing and invoicing processes

  • Customization

    Allows for customized billing and invoicing templates

  • Integration

    Integrates with various payment gateways and accounting software

  • Limited Features

    Lacks some advanced features like project management and time tracking

  • Pricing

    Pricing can be expensive for small businesses

  • Customer Support

    Customer support can be slow to respond

  • Growing demand for automated billing and invoicing solutions
  • Opportunity to expand into new markets and industries
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with payment gateways and accounting software providers
  • Competitive market with many established players
  • Changes in regulations and compliance requirements could impact the business
  • Economic downturns could impact demand for the product

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MuniBilling Plan

MuniBilling offers a tiered pricing plan based on the number of customers, with additional features available in higher versions.
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