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N-able N-central® is an IT management solution that helps organizations manage and track IT devices. It includes features such as patch management, antivirus protection, backup, and disaster recovery. The solution can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It also offers email protection and encryption, as well as a scripting language to automate manual tasks. Support is provided through an online portal.
  • Automation

    Automated tasks and workflows

  • Scalability

    Can manage large numbers of devices

  • Remote Access

    Ability to remotely access and control devices

  • Complexity

    Can be difficult to set up and use

  • Cost

    Can be expensive for small businesses

  • Limited Integrations

    May not integrate with all necessary tools

  • Increasing demand for remote device management
  • Potential for new features and capabilities
  • Opportunities for partnerships with other software providers
  • Competition from other remote device management software
  • Potential for security breaches and data loss
  • Decreased demand due to economic downturn or recession

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N-central Plan

N-central offers three pricing tiers with increasing features and capabilities, starting at $20 per device per month.
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