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NetCommissions SPM automates the management & reporting of Sales Commission & Incentive Compensation Are you tired of managing your sales commissions process with off-line tools ? Is your current process error prone ? Are you looking to upgrade performance reporting to your sales team so they can focus more energy on sales growth ? Would you like to transform sales execution into a competitive advantage? NetCommissions SPM (Sales Performance Management) is a targeted solution for Finance / Human Resource / Sales Operations teams that changes everything ! Built specifically to automate the calculation and reporting of Sales Commissions & Incentive Compensation, the NetCommissions Platform provides the foundation upon which a world class process can be configured. With flexibility and scalability as calling cards, the NetCommissions platform is engineered for the unique challenges of Sales Compensation process including management of your hierarchy, data, commission & incentive plans, credit rules, reporting, approvals and much more. NetCommissions enables Sales Managers to provide timely and accurate performance feedback to your sales organization with a comprehensive set of real time reports such as commission summaries & statements with full drill down capabilities to provide access to transaction level detail for all incentive components that make up their plan. Sales representatives are able to make more money by spending less time worrying if their paycheck is correct and more time selling. Finance teams are able to: * Eliminate manual errors common to spreadsheets through automated data management capabilities of NetCommissions. * Maintain full process control with extensive self-service plan administration modules. * Effortlessly produce reports such as individualized commission statements, summaries and accrual reports for the whole organization. * Reduce cycle time from weeks to hours by automating the processing of monthly sales data, calculating results and producing accurate commission statements & reports, commission checks and payroll feeds .
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Plan Administration Module $
The following are a few of the elements of plans that are easily administered by Compensation Analysts through the NetCommissions plans module: Draws (recoverable & non recoverable) Windfalls & Shortfalls Caps & Thresholds User defined Performance Bands Payouts can be fixed amounts ($) or as a percentage of metric/target incentive (%) Ramped Commissions (Accelerators)
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