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Nevatech Sentinet™ software product is a complete solution for API Management and API Governance. It is the only enterprise class API Management Platform written in .NET that is available for On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments. It connects, mediates and manages interactions between services across the enterprise or in the cloud. Sentinet supports REST and SOAP standards as well as Microsoft specific communication protocols and security models. Sentinet combines design-time API Governance (APIs design and publication with life-cycle management, dependency and impact analysis of API artifacts and policies) with run-time management (enforcement of security policies, access control, full monitoring of API usage, traffic and performance in real-time and with historical analytics). These are the unique points of Sentinet: • installs and runs on any Windows OS • the ease of integration into your current production environment as it is built on .NET technology and runs as an IIS Server application. • As a native 100% .NET product, it supports all interoperable and all Microsoft-specific communication protocols and security models (e.g. NET.TCP, Kerberos/NTLM on-premises or Azure Service Bus in the cloud). • Any new APIs and Web Services integration feature coming from Microsoft is automatically available in Sentinet. • Sentinet is highly extensible via standard Microsoft .NET Framework. • All Sentinet functionality is exposed through REST and Sentinet Management API, which can be used to integrate with any third-party tool or product (e.g. TFS, Visual Studio) • No need for extensive training or skills uplift, as the administration and configuration is Microsoft based and supported by User Interactive Wizards and automation scripts. • Web-based Graphical User Interface Designers with drag-and-drop experience for ease of configuration and management. • Augmenting Azure API Management by adding On-Premises and SOAP support Customers all over the world trust the Nevatech Sentinet™ software platform to realize productivity gains and cost efficiency of their API Management projects and integration solutions. Nevatech focused on helping large enterprises and mid-size companies that have strategically chosen Microsoft platforms to secure and manage communications between their business applications, business partners, consumers, mobile devices and IoT.
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