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NEXGEN Asset Management is a web based software that was developed specifically to support a comprehensive asset management program. NEXGEN Asset Management is a sophisticated Computer Maintenance Management System that integrates asset planning features into one comprehensive program. With over two decades of experience in asset management and software implementation, NEXGEN Asset Management is a web-based system that was curated specifically to support an all-inclusive asset management program. NEXGEN Asset Management provides several tools for users to keep their inventory and material assets organized and documented. Asset inventory, condition assessment, and inspections are all included with the program, and the tool can work with both linear and non-linear asset hierarchies. Users can easily query specific assets, and work orders are created via an asset inventory hierarchy or through NEXGEN’s Geographic Information System. Also, NEXGEN allows users to accurately budget and forecast through its detailed reporting engines, providing a reliable format for asset lifecycle planning. We particularly like NEXGEN Asset Management’s ability to customize information for various asset classes, such as Vehicle (planes, trucks, cars), Structure (buildings, tanks), and Linear (telecommunications, pipes, roads, cables). We also like NEXGEN’s Asset Condition Index, which proactively monitors the age and viability of each asset, allowing users to keep tabs on assets that aren’t accessible through routine field inspections. NEXGEN is available for both on-premise and web-based deployment models and is Mac and iPad compatible. The system has a robust mobile platform, and is best suited to municipalities, facilities, and manufacturing industries. They also devote a full team of developers, customer service agents, project managers, and engineers to each client to ensure they have a system that perfectly satisfies their needs.
NEXGEN Asset Management
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