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BPM module of Next4biz CRM & BPM Suite, is a low-code and all-in-one solution to design, prototype, test, rollout, execute, measure and optimize business processes. Next4biz BPM is a 2-way integrable business process management software for midsize and enterprise companies. Next4biz BPM provides tools to design data models, user interfaces, processes, business rules, and many other process components without writing any line of code. You can even develop scripts by drag and drop, to integrate Next4biz to current systems or to develop a new feature within Next4biz BPM. Together with its CRM module, Next4biz provides customer centric digital transformation. Next4biz BPM’s features are: - Process, form and business rule design with drag and drop function - Design, test, and use in one platform - Scripting tools to add new features - Digitalized, integrated process inventory - Report, analysis and dashboard tools - Compliance with regulations and standards - Reusable customizable pre-designed processes - Business process development methodology
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