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Live Meetings Transcription and Analytics Noty extension automatically transcribes Google Meet calls and generates summaries. Transcripts are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese. Integrations Google Drive, Google Doc, Google Calendar & Contacts, Slack How it Works - Install Noty extension - Start Google Meet in Chromium browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge) - Get a real-time transcript (an easily readable format, speakers labeling, timecodes) - Get meeting notes, summaries with keywords, highlights, action items (for English-speaking meetings) - Review, edit, save and share How to Use - Pin extension for easy access - Sign in via Google account - Captions will be enabled automatically. Make it work on your demand: stop the transcribing before joining the meeting, click pause or resume buttons during the meeting. - Click the Google Meet menu â‹® button and go to Captions to change the language. The language you choose is set to default until you change it again. - Transcript will be automatically saved in your Noty account. Be engaged in conversations and forget about taking notes with Noty. Contacts Email: [email protected] Web:
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