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nuVizz, Inc. is a leading network-based last mile delivery & transportation management and customer experience SaaS platform. nuVizz makes tough transportation and delivery challenges seem easy, combining a visionary mindset with responsive execution. Knowledge is power for our networked community of carriers, brokers, wholesalers, and retailers. More than 1,000+ business partners, 35,000+ drivers, and thousands of satisfied customers rely on nuVizz to plan, monitor, measure, and analyze more than 300 million transactions every year. From pharma to furniture, auto parts to agriculture, we offer a singular solution for a multiplex world. Our customers have consistently seen 10-15% improvement in Customer Satisfaction, 30-35% improvement in Asset Utilization, 50 - 60% reduction in Billing Cycle, and 30 - 35% reduction in Labor Here’s how we do it. A cloud-based SaaS platform that uses microservice to create a scalable architecture that integrates With existing systems and adapts to evolving consumer demands. Just a few of our Features that clients love: ● Dynamic Vehicle Routing and Scheduling (VRS) ● Real-time Network Visibility ● Customer-friendly Self-Scheduling ● Contactless Proof of Delivery ● Automated Back-end Processes ● Quick On-boarding and Seamless API Based Integrations ● 24X7 customer support Energize your brand, one delivery at a time. Go further, grow faster.*
nuVizz Inc
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