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PackageX Inventory has made some significant breakthroughs in inventory management. It takes the hassle out of inventory handling and streamlines four-wall logistics workflows for manufacturing sites, warehouses, and eCommerce businesses, allowing you to maximize productivity, efficiency, and visibility. How Does It Work? PackageX Inventory helps you automate and streamline your inventory operations. It helps you match the inbound packages against ordered lists and manage items in your warehouse easily. Moreover, you can track quantities on an item level and perform order fulfillment and dispatch planning. With our Inventory technology, you can: 👉Scan inventory labels using your smart device and extract data to match the shipments against ordered inventory lists 👉Efficiently perform picking and packing operations for order fulfillment and generate a packing slip 👉Create shipping labels to perform dispatch planning Why PackageX Inventory? 👉 Our OCR-powered inventory app scans labels to extract data for inventory matching and return 👉 You can keep a log of the shipments moving in and out of your site 👉 Our inventory software will help automate package sorting, storage, and retrieval workflows 👉 Our APIs quickly connect your existing ordering and inventory systems 👉 In case of any damage to inventory, you can take and attach pictures for proof 👉 Improve your staff efficiency and reduce inventory losses 👉 Track inventory items throughout their lifecycle 👉 Use the reporting dashboard to share the inventory reports with your team or third parties 👉 Accurately process items and fulfillments to help eliminate errors and save money and resources
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