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PairTrade Finder PRO™ is the industry-leading pair trading software for online traders, having been downloaded more than 6,000 times and selling over 2,000 licenses worldwide. Welcome to the Leading Pair Trading Software for Online Traders! PairTrade Finder was created over more than eight years by a team of developers and finance professionals formerly with Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers Inc and GE Capital, it is a truly global platform like no other. What and Where Can It Trade? Our pair trading software works and is easy to learn and use. Our latest version, PairTrade Finder PRO™, automatically integrates with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed, allowing you to get real-time market data and semi-autotrade (“GreyBox”) on 126 exchanges in 26 countries, including stocks, ETF’s, CFDs, options, futures, commodities, forex to allow you to customize and back-test your own pair trading system. Real-Time Trading Signals Straight to Your Email PairTrade Finder PRO™ then gives you Real-Time or End-of-Day Entry and Exit signals from your custom pair trading system (with visual and audio alerts) and by email. Most importantly, you can back-test your pair trading system on ten years’ worth of historical data to give you the confidence in your system’s profitability and robustness.
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