PayPro Workforce Management

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The company offers an all-in-one HR solution with a focus on improving the day-to-day experience for employees. They provide a personalized service model and use data and AI to help businesses make informed decisions. They have a dedicated team of US-based industry experts and offer a proven solution with $60m in R&D annually.
  • Efficient scheduling

    Automated scheduling saves time and reduces errors

  • Real-time data

    Access to real-time data allows for better decision-making

  • Customizable reporting

    Customizable reports provide insights into workforce performance

  • Complex setup

    Setup can be difficult and time-consuming

  • Limited integrations

    Limited integrations with other software may be a drawback for some businesses

  • Cost

    Cost may be a barrier for small businesses

  • Opportunity to expand into new markets and industries
  • Opportunity to expand integrations with other software
  • Opportunity to develop a mobile app for easier access to the software
  • Competition from other workforce management software providers
  • Changes in labor laws and regulations may impact the software's functionality
  • Economic downturn may impact demand for the software

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    PayPro's staff is highly cooperative and handles much of the work for us. Their expertise and ability to answer our queries make us feel at ease, and we are very satisfied with their services.At present, our experience has been positive, and we have no issues to report.


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PayPro Workforce Management Plan

Paypro Workforce Management offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, starting at $2 per employee per month.
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