PeopleFluent Recruitment

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Recruiting software designed for modern, global workforces.
  • Customizable workflows

    Ability to tailor recruitment processes to specific needs

  • Advanced analytics

    Provides insights into recruitment metrics and trends

  • Mobile-friendly

    Allows candidates to apply and recruiters to manage on-the-go

  • Limited integrations

    May not seamlessly integrate with other HR systems

  • Complex pricing

    Pricing structure may be confusing or difficult to understand

  • Steep learning curve

    May require significant training to fully utilize all features

  • Potential to grow customer base beyond current regions
  • Opportunity to increase market share by integrating with widely-used HR software
  • Potential to improve recruitment processes and candidate matching with AI
  • New companies entering the market with similar offerings
  • Decreased demand for recruitment software during economic recession
  • Increased regulations around data privacy may impact software usage and storage

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PeopleFluent Recruitment Plan

PeopleFluent Recruitment offers a flexible pricing strategy with three versions, starting at $5,000 per year, tailored to meet the needs of different organizations.
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