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Founded in 2012, pganalyze enables Postgres performance at any scale. It helps deliver consistent database performance and availability through intelligent tuning advisors and continuous database profiling. Specializing in PostgreSQL database monitoring and optimization, pganalyze gives automatic insights into Postgres query plans, helps improve Postgres query performance with its Index Advisor, and lets you perform query drill-down analysis, observe per-query statistics and conduct trend analysis - all in one platform that integrates with both self-managed Postgres servers as well as Database-as-a-service providers like Amazon RDS. DBAs and developers use pganalyze to identify the root cause of performance issues, to optimize queries, and to get alerts about critical issues. pganalyze surfaces opportunities to optimize Postgres performance and gives recommendations that help speed up queries. It comes with helpful security features like PII filtering and SSO integration. Today, hundreds of customers with teams ranging from 5 to thousands of engineers are using pganalyze in the cloud or on-premise.

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pganalyze Plan

PRODUCTION $ 149 1 database servers Per Month
14 days historic stats pganalyze Index Advisor Automated Health Checks Team Collaboration Available billing: monthly and yearly
SCALE $ 349 4 database servers Per Month
$84/mo per additional server 30 days historic stats pganalyze Index Advisor pganalyze Log Insights with careful PII handling Query plans using auto_explain Single sign-on (SSO) + role based access control 100+ Preconfigured Log Event Filters Available billing: monthly and yearly
ENTERPRISE $ Contact Us 5 database servers Per Year
5 or more database servers Run locally on premise or in your own cloud Single sign-on (SSO) + role based access control Careful PII handling Share production statistics without sharing database access
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