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A financial analytics solution that accelerates results with powerful low code workflows. Share data and analysis pipelines effortlessly. Integrate files, data and systems. Workflows and transforms automatically documented. Batteries included, nothing to install or update. Plus, great technology underneath eliminating data size concerns. Work anywhere efficiently and safely. Unify organization through a platform that natively supports data science, data warehousing, and business intelligence while eliminating requirements for infrastructure and software management. Accelerates speed of decision making and insight across teams. Pre-built solutions for: - Profitability and Cost Management - Supply Chain Monitoring and Optimization - Goods Transfer Pricing - Intercompany Invoicing and Tax Compliance - IT Chargeback - Data Visualization - Data Enrichment Pipelines
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Analyst $ 995 Per Month
Empowering individuals and small teams Unlimited Workflows Unlimited Tables and Views Unlimited Dashboards Unlimited Dimensions / Hierarchies Unlimited User Defined Functions Generous Data Storage and Cloud Storage
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