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Playment’s GT Studio is a no-code, self-serve data labeling platform that is heuristically designed to help ML teams create diverse, high-quality ground truth datasets at an efficient cost, scale, and speed. Most ML teams work with sub-optimal data or rely on tools or processes that take up a significant amount of their time which could be spent innovating. GT Studio is a web-based labeling platform that eliminates inefficiencies for the annotator and the project manager via ML-assisted annotation tools and easy-to-use workflow management software. Our flexible engagement models help ML teams of any size and any industry meets their goals faster by leveraging the highest quality data really quickly. In a nutshell: With Playment’s GT Studio you can access: ✔ ML-assisted 2D and 3D labeling tools ✔ 5X faster throughputs than manual labeling ✔ Powerful APIs for easy pipeline integration ✔ Workflow Builder for easier project setup ✔ Built-in QC workflows and tools ✔ Real-time annotator productivity analytics ✔ Assured security and compliance We work with the 200+ ML teams in companies like Samsung, Intel, Nuro, Postmates, AI Motive, Ouster, Sony, Continental, Hella, Renault, Seimens, Daimler, LG, Innoviz, and many more. We are backed by renowned players like Y Combinator, SAIF Partners, Google Launchpad, and Samsung. To learn more about our solutions visit or write to us at [email protected].
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