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PortaBilling is a comprehensive billing and charging platform for telcos and communication service providers. Launch, price, provision, and manage the complete range of telecommunication services. Discover a better way with a converged telecom billing platform, simplify your business processes with an all-in-one, comprehensive billing solution for voice and video calls, IP Centrex/Hosted IP PBX, IPTV and VoD, residential VoIP, CLEC type services, WiFi, LTE, M2M/IoT, and much more. What you get with PortaBilling: • Reduced deployment time - get access to your billing in the cloud within a day rather than weeks • Enormous savings - we maintain the platform, so you save on hardware purchasing, hosting, provisioning, and maintenance • Flexible scalability - choose your ideal processing capacity and increase it on demand at any time • Zero downtime - benefit from our wide range of geographic locations to ensure redundancy when performing software upgrades • Simplified billing - easy-to-understand subscription fees based on concurrent calls and number of billable events
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