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Prey is a cross-platform Device Tracking & Security tool to stay in control of remote assets. Mobile device tracking, management, and data protection available for laptops, tablets and mobiles. It offers a range of services for both personal and corporate use. The software and service are developed by the Chilean company Prey Inc., successor of the funding company Fork Ltd. Prey started in 2009 as a small tech company with a sole purpose: helping people keep track of their devices. 13 years later, our service evolved into a trusted multi-tool for both people and businesses. It's a service that protects over 8 million devices and their data every day, all around the world. We are experts at tracking, protecting and managing your work and play tech tools. And a proud team of people willing to support you. ���� ��� ��� �� ���� ����? • Advanced Tracking Tried and tested always-on tracking capabilities. Locate laptops, tablets, and all your devices faster, on demand, and in real time, giving you the confidence of complete visibility. • Reactive Security: Create automatic triggers when unusual activity is detected. Lock devices, and wipe or retrieve files to guard your organization’s assets. Freeze devices and restore them to factory settings, not before gathering important evidence. • Simplified Management: Assign devices to employees, easily group them by usage, hardware, or area, and keep track of any hardware changes or odd behaviors like devices that have been offline for a while. • Evidence-based Recoveries: When a device is missing, Prey will gather evidence that's crucial for recovery, and deliver it to you in periodic reports that can aid the police's work. �������� �� ��������. TRACKING AND LOCATION • GPS, Wifi Triangulation, and GeoIP Tracking • Control Zones (Geofencing) • Global Device View • Location History DEVICE SECURITY • Remote Screen Lock • Message Alert • Anti-mute Alarm • Control Zone Actions (Movement-triggered actions) DATA SECURITY • Remote Wipe • File Retrieval • Kill Switch • Factory Reset DEVICE MANAGEMENT • Scheduled Automations • Mass Actions • Enterprise Inventory • Custom Labels and Search • Fleet Status Dashboard • Custom Deployments MISSING EVIDENCE REPORTS • Pictures and Screenshots (optional) • Active and Nearby WiFis • Coordinates and Map • Device Information • Mac Address and IP ��� ��������� ������ ���� ✔ It unifies and monitors your whole fleet seamlessly. Organize your laptops, tablets, and mobiles in groups and follow their status and position globally. Control Zones will help detect unwanted movements that can be reviewed in time. ✔ It adds an extra layer of data privacy compliance. Make sure your fleet is ready to protect its data safety compliance against incidents that may put legally bound private data at risk using the platform’s custom wipe and file retrieval tools. ✔ It reacts automatically and gathers evidence. Configure automatic reactions upon movement detection to deter theft, and gather evidence to identify the thief. Or set up timed actions, like curfew locks to avoid usage out of office hours.
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Prey Plan

Prey Tracking $ 1 1 device/month
For SMBs and small teams looking to enhance device visibility. NGO, Education, and volume discounts are available. Annually billing period plan. Smart, always-on Tracking Location history Missing Reports Control Zone Geofence Screen Lock And More...
Prey Full Suite $ 1 1 device/month
For large teams that need a tracking, protection & management system. NGO, Education and volume discounts are available. Annually billing period plan. Everything in Tracking and Protection, plus: Mass Actions Audit Log Device Loan Manager Event-based Automated Actions Time-frame Automated Actions And More...
Prey Protection $ 1 1 device/month
For data-sensitive industries that prioritize privacy and security actions. NGO, Education and volume discounts are available. Annually billing period plan. Every feature included in Tracking, plus Custom Wipe Factory Reset Kill Switch Remote Encryption And More...
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