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Venly is a blockchain technology provider creating tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology. We provide a complete technology stack to bring brands, apps, games and platforms into Web3. We help businesses integrate web3 tech & onboard users seamlessly. Our solutions provide a familiar Web2 experience to make blockchain accessible for both developers and users alike. We are making blockchain accessible for everyone. Products & Services: Wallet Solutions → Onboard your users instantly & securely with our easy-to-implement wallet solutions. Venly Wallets allows your users to interact with Web3 familiarly, while we take care of the security & complexity. Choose our API to take full control of the UX or the Widget to give us the responsibility of security and compliance. Either way, your users don’t need to have any prior knowledge of crypto or NFTs to get started. Marketplace Solutions → Leverage our robust APIs to build your own NFT marketplace or list your NFT collection in seconds on Venly Market. Venly Market allows anyone - regardless of technical expertise - to seamlessly list, buy and sell NFTs on any blockchain. With our Market APIs, developers can easily implement their custom NFT marketplace within the ecosystem of their specific game or project. NFT Tools → Creating, managing and distributing NFTs is a complex process requiring time and effort. Venly's NFT tools make that process a lot simpler. Our NFT tools are all you need to create, manage, distribute and secure your NFT collections. Our APIs allow for the simplified minting and distribution of NFTs. Shopify NFT App → Shopify merchants can now seamlessly create, mint & sell NFTs from their store. NFTs are minted at purchase and sent to an automatically generated user wallet, without the customer ever leaving the Shopify store. Web3 Gaming Toolkit → Powerful tools to let game developers focus on building the best Web3 games and create the best user experience for players.
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Willebroek, Flemish Region
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