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Verificare OMR Software - It works using Artificial Intelligence that helps you for swift analysis of OMR responses. You can design, scan and read a variety of OMR sheets. Ginger Webs subordinate product OMR Home, was founded in the year 2008. Experiencing a journey of success so far Verificare OMR software has made its eminence amongst 2000+ customers worldwide. OMR Home has shown exceptional attributes in maintaining accuracy, reliability and quality on the process of OMR sheet reading. OMR Home has its main focus on the education industry and all the multifarious features are available to the users in the form of Verificare. Verificare is the OMR software which enables its users to design, scan and read OMR sheets with 100% accuracy. It is cost-effective software incorporated with multilevel anti-cheat features that are efficient in detecting the percentage of impersonation in exam sheets. The Artificial Intelligence feature identifies the fault in the question paper rendering a 100% accuracy of the data extracted. OMR solutions have wide applications and can be used to evaluate examination, admission, registration, attendance, surveys, and feedback forms. The objective of Verificare is to be a user friendly solution to cater all the OMR based assessment needs.
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