Video Corporation of America

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VCA provides audio visual communications, videoconferencing, telepresence and unified communications services.
Video Corporation of America
HQ Location
Somerset, NJ
  • High-quality video production

    Produces high-quality videos for clients

  • Experienced team

    Has a team of experienced professionals

  • Customizable services

    Offers customizable video production services

  • Limited geographic reach

    Only operates in certain regions

  • High pricing

    Pricing may be too high for some clients

  • Limited range of services

    Offers a limited range of video production services

  • Can expand into new regions to reach more clients
  • Can offer new video production services to attract more clients
  • Can partner with other companies to expand services and reach more clients
  • May face competition from other companies offering similar services
  • Economic downturns may lead to decreased demand for video production services
  • Technological advancements may make current video production methods obsolete

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Video Corporation of America Plan

Video Corporation of America's pricing strategy is to offer a range of versions at different price points to appeal to various customer segments.
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