Video Jeeves

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Videojeeves provides explainer videos for personal and business purposes.
Mike Hersey
  • Affordable

    Low cost compared to competitors

  • Customizable

    Ability to tailor videos to specific needs

  • Professional

    High-quality videos produced by experienced team

  • Limited Services

    Only offers video production services

  • No Free Trial

    No option to try before buying

  • Limited Revisions

    Only allows for a certain number of revisions

  • Increased need for video content in marketing
  • Potential to offer additional video-related services
  • Opportunity to expand into new markets
  • Competitors offering similar services
  • Decreased demand for marketing services during economic downturns
  • Emergence of new video production technologies

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Video Jeeves Plan

Video Jeeves offers three pricing plans starting at $299 for a 60-second video with additional features and customization options available.
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