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VirtualMetric is a reporting software that monitors and provides detailed statistics and reports for various IT environments, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS, Bare Metal, and Network. It offers real-time monitoring without complex prerequisites and installation requirements on servers, providing complete visibility on all infrastructure processes and environment changes. The solution is designed to help companies of all sizes ensure the smooth work and performance of their data centers and cloud infrastructure, allowing IT administrators to manage their system and network infrastructures more efficiently.
Suitable for enterprise
  • Real-time monitoring

    Provides real-time monitoring of servers, networks, and applications.

  • Customizable dashboards

    Offers customizable dashboards for easy visualization of data.

  • Automated alerts

    Sends automated alerts when issues are detected.

  • Limited integrations

    Integrations with third-party tools are limited.

  • Complex setup

    Setup can be complex and time-consuming.

  • Expensive pricing

    Pricing can be expensive for small businesses.

  • Opportunity to expand integrations with more third-party tools.
  • Opportunity to offer more features to compete with other monitoring tools.
  • Opportunity to target small businesses with more affordable pricing plans.
  • Competition from other monitoring tools in the market.
  • Threat of technological advancements making the tool obsolete.
  • Threat of economic downturn affecting sales and revenue.

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VirtualMetric Plan

VirtualMetric offers three pricing plans starting at $99/month, with increasing features and capabilities for monitoring and managing IT infrastructure.
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