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VisitUs Deliveries is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage and maintain a record of all incoming deliveries for employees. It provides mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, which allows staff members to receive automated alerts about parcels in different locations. Receptionists can inform employees about arrived parcels through SMS, email and push notifications. It also lets users capture and record employees’ signatures in the database to streamline verification processes. The solution enables businesses to generate analytical reports to gain insights into the total number of deliveries and other metrics.
  • Efficient Delivery

    Fast and reliable delivery service

  • Real-time Tracking

    Customers can track their deliveries in real-time

  • Customizable Delivery Options

    Customers can choose delivery options that suit their needs

  • Limited Coverage

    Delivery service is only available in certain areas

  • Dependence on Third-party Delivery Providers

    VisitUs Deliveries relies on third-party providers for delivery

  • High Delivery Fees

    Delivery fees may be higher compared to other providers

  • VisitUs Deliveries can expand its coverage to new areas
  • VisitUs Deliveries can partner with e-commerce platforms to offer delivery services
  • VisitUs Deliveries can offer additional services such as same-day delivery or pickup options
  • VisitUs Deliveries may face competition from established delivery providers
  • A downturn in the economy may affect demand for delivery services
  • Changes in regulations may affect VisitUs Deliveries' operations

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VisitUs Deliveries Plan

VisitUs Deliveries offers a tiered pricing strategy with three versions, starting at $29/month for basic features and increasing to $99/month for advanced features.
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