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Vitelity provides hosted PBX, VoIP, SMS, and communication solutions.
Collaboration & Productivity
HQ Location
  • Reliable

    High uptime and minimal downtime

  • Scalable

    Can handle large volumes of traffic and users

  • Feature-rich

    Offers a wide range of features and functionalities

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with many third-party tools

  • Complex pricing

    Pricing structure can be confusing and difficult to understand

  • Limited customer support

    Customer support can be slow and unresponsive at times

  • Growing demand for cloud-based communication solutions
  • Opportunities to partner with other SaaS providers and expand offerings
  • Potential to add new features and functionalities to stay competitive
  • Increasing competition from other cloud-based communication providers
  • Potential for increased regulation and compliance requirements
  • Growing concerns around data privacy and security

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    No high-rated segment information provided.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    Customers have mixed feelings about Vitelity. While they appreciate the easy-to-use dashboard, they are concerned about frequent outages affecting inbound and outbound traffic. Some customers have spoken with their account manager about the issue, but it has not been resolved.

  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    Customers are dissatisfied with Vitelity due to frequent outages affecting inbound and outbound traffic. They caution others to be wary of this issue and note that speaking with their account manager has not improved the situation.

Vitelity Plan

Vitelity offers a range of VoIP plans with varying features and pricing, starting at $4.95 per month.
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