Vladimir Jones

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Vladimir Jones is an independent, integrated agency based in Colorado that combines data with empathy to capture and expand imaginations.
Vladimir Jones
  • Creative

    Innovative and unique approach to advertising

  • Experienced

    Over 40 years of experience in the industry

  • Full-service

    Offers a wide range of advertising and marketing services

  • Expensive

    Higher pricing compared to competitors

  • Limited reach

    Primarily serves clients in the Colorado area

  • Small team

    May not have the resources to handle large-scale projects

  • Potential to expand services to new geographic areas
  • Opportunity to increase focus on digital marketing services
  • Opportunity to form partnerships with other agencies or businesses
  • Highly competitive industry with many established players
  • Potential impact on advertising budgets during economic downturns
  • Shifts in consumer behavior and preferences may impact advertising effectiveness

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Vladimir Jones Plan

Vladimir Jones offers tiered pricing for their services, with different versions featuring varying levels of support and customization.
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