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VobeSoft is a software system with a dynamic database that can be configured to fit seamlessly into any organization. It allows organizations to determine how work will be done, what data matters, and how it should be stored. The context of the customer is leading in the way the system is set up and used.
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s-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant
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  • Customizable workflows

    Users can create and modify workflows to fit their specific needs.

  • Integrations

    VobeSoft integrates with a variety of other software, including Zapier and Google Drive.

  • Collaboration features

    Users can collaborate on projects and tasks, assign roles and permissions, and communicate within the platform.

  • Limited reporting

    VobeSoft's reporting capabilities are somewhat limited compared to other SaaS products.

  • No mobile app

    VobeSoft does not currently offer a mobile app, which may be inconvenient for some users.

  • Steep learning curve

    Some users may find VobeSoft's interface and features difficult to learn and navigate.

  • VobeSoft could expand its integrations with other popular software to attract more users.
  • Developing a mobile app could make VobeSoft more accessible and convenient for users.
  • Enhancing reporting capabilities could make VobeSoft more competitive with other SaaS products.
  • There are many other SaaS products in the project management and workflow space that could compete with VobeSoft.
  • A recession or economic downturn could lead to decreased demand for SaaS products like VobeSoft.
  • Data breaches or other security issues could damage VobeSoft's reputation and lead to decreased user trust.

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VobeSoft Plan

VobeSoft offers a tiered pricing model with three versions, starting at $15/user/month, with increasing features and capabilities.
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