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Marketplace for professional voice actors.
  • Large pool of voice actors

    Access to a diverse range of voice actors for different projects

  • Easy to use platform

    Simple and intuitive interface for posting jobs and managing auditions

  • Affordable pricing

    Competitive pricing for different project budgets

  • Limited language options

    Only supports English and Spanish languages

  • No direct contact with voice actors

    All communication with voice actors is done through the platform

  • Limited project management features

    Lacks advanced project management tools for larger and more complex projects

  • Opportunity to expand to other languages and reach a wider audience
  • Potential to integrate with other platforms for seamless project management
  • Opportunity to offer additional services such as script writing and audio editing
  • Facing competition from other established voice actor platforms
  • Potential decrease in demand for voice actor services during an economic downturn
  • Negative reviews and feedback from clients and voice actors can harm the platform's reputation

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Voice123 Plan

Voice123 offers three pricing plans: Basic ($395/year), Premium ($795/year), and Platinum ($1,495/year) with varying features and benefits.
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